Twin Lakes Sewer Project Information and Updates

At our March 2, 2016 meeting, Keltie Cole from Foremost Communities informed us that their outreach campaign for sewer easement signatures has come to an end, as they now have 160 of the 195 needed signatures, leaving only 35 signatures left to obtain. These 35 will be turned over to the County for the eminent domain process, a request that should go before the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors by the fall.

Foremost estimates that the sewer installation will begin in April of 2017. The fight for the Twin Lakes Public Sewers has been a tough one, but all of the community’s hard efforts have paid off. Thank you to those who have signed!


Twin Lakes Sewer Project Archives

More and more residents are signing the public sewer easement documents! Please contact us to sign.

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Foremost Communities has made up some “yard signs” that we hope, if you have either signed your sewer easement documents or if you are preparing to sign them, you will place in a visible location in front of your home. We all appreciate your support of the sewer project for Twin Lakes, and hope that you will encourage your neighbors to sign as well.

If you would be willing to post the sign yourself, or have Foremost install it on a simple metal “h” frame, please email us back and give us your address. A lot of signs have been delivered, but we can get more per request.

For more information if you have not signed your easement documents, please read the following letter:

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If you have signed your documents, please read here:

(Twin Lakes Thank You)

Latest Deerlake Developments

On Tuesday, February 17, at the Radisson Hotel, the new owners, Foremost Communities, of the Deerlake Ranch Development Project met with the 6-member Deerlake Ranch Monitoring Committee and community members to discuss potential changes and the construction timetable for the project. There was a very large turnout, both from Twin Lakes and from the homes south of the 118.

Also in attendance were County representatives from the Supervisor's Office and from Public Works, Regional Planning and Parks and Recreation.

The project has been on hold for so long that the Monitoring Committee had not met for over four years.

Foremost's Keltie Cole, Vice President, Community Development, made the presentation of proposed changes. The biggest changes would be that both bridges - Topanga and Canoga - would be built simultaneously, and that there would be a recreation center built for residents of the new project. The project would be divided into three phases instead of four, and the Sheriff's new substation would be built in the first phase. The trails system would be the same as originally planned. They hope to begin construction in early 2016.

Foremost emphatically stated that they are committed to building the Twin Lakes Sewers, regardless of cost. There will be three Foremost representatives assigned to work on obtaining the sewer easements, and an outside firm, Marathon Communications, has been hired for outreach purposes.

Foremost will be in attendance at our March 25th Twin Lakes Property Owners Association meeting at the Train Depot, and plan to have a notary in attendance as well. If you have signed the sewer easement documents for your property and wish to do so, please fill out the contact form below and we can hopefully ensure that your documents will be ready and waiting for you to sign at the meeting.

Please plan to attend!

October 15, 2013

Talks are ongoing, but so far there has been no agreement reached on the terms of a substitute Condition 69, and therefore the current Conditional Use Permit, which requires construction of the Twin Lakes Sewers as a condition of the Deerlake Ranch Development Project, remains in effect.  However, the committee continues to work with legal counsel on crafting a compromise that will preserve the sewer mitigation for the Twin Lakes Community, and is optimistic that a plan acceptable to both parties will be forthcoming very soon.

The development project's owner, AEW Capitol Management, is currently engaged in marketing the Deerlake Ranch site in an effort to find either a buyer or one or more equity partners.  AEW has applied to modify Condition 69 with the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission, but formal consideration has been put on hold, pending negotiations with the community.

Please email your questions and feedback to

The Twin Lakes Sewer Project Committee:

  • Charles Bishop
  • Anna Cox
  • Lori Gentile
  • Kathleen Misko
  • Jo Schillinger
  • John Schillinger
  • Warren Stone
  • Alex Ugrik
  • Sharon Ugrik
  • Debbie Weisman
  • Straw Weisman
  • Mark Watters
  • Vanessa Watters

On May 8, 2013 the annual meeting of the Twin Lakes Property Owners Association was held at the Radisson Hotel on Topanga Canyon Blvd., at 7:00 p.m.

The predominant issue was the possible deletion of the Twin Lakes sewers from the conditions of approval for the Deerlake Ranch Development Project. Attendance numbered approximately 60 people, with a vast majority expressing dismay at the potential loss of such a significant benefit to our community. Representatives from Los Angeles County Michael D. Antonovich’s Fifth District Field Office were present, as well as representatives of the developer, Presidio Chatsworth, LLC. Also in attendance was attorney Philip Hess, legal counsel that the Twin Lakes Property Owners Association Board of Officers has retained to advise the community in regards to this matter.

Presidio would like to offer the community a set sum to install the main line sewer, and turn over the process of getting easement signatures to the community. In response, the community has formed a committee to address this issue. The language of Condition 69 is very clear in describing the commitment that the County will make to provide the Twin Lakes community with the main line sewer. Any changes in that condition must be weighed very carefully. The committee expects to have an update later in the summer for all property owners, as we proceed with our dialogue with the developer and the County.

For more background on this issue, please click on the following links to access more detailed descriptions:

Click here to view a map of properties for whom we have recorded easement documents.