We need your support if you live in Twin Lakes!!

Your dues paid to our voluntary membership association cover:

• Administrative costs – bulletin board, website, corporation fees, flyers, refreshments for POA meetings
• Dumpster Fees for community cleanups
• Street signs, ensuring fire and police quick and easy access to our homes
• Customized street sign monuments with our street sign logo, and any needed street sign repairs
• Contributions for Community Improvement Projects
• Possible and future attorney fees to protect community interests, particularly as pertains to the imminent new home construction projects
• Road repair fund, as we are a private community and road maintenance is our responsibility as property owners

If you are new to Twin Lakes and have as yet to join the association, if you need to renew your membership or if you would like to make an additional donation, please send your check to:

P.O. BOX 4989
CHATSWORTH, CA 91313-4989


2022-2023 Membership Dues

Single Membership
$35.00 / year

Family Membership (2 adults)
$50.00 / year

Single Membership (tenants)
$25.00 / year

Family Membership (tenants)
$35.00 / year